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Smile as your team bonds through laughter. This exercise will allow the individuals of your team to let their hair down and see each other in a new light. The experience will teach them that everyone has a funny side and build a personal bond between members that will help the team become closer.


The emphasis is on trust and self belief. To truly be funny you must gain the acceptance of your audience and believe in yourself. This is a great way to tear down the walls between the team and help build bridges between management and staff, also valuable lessons for sales staff.

Upon conclusion, your staff will have stretched their boundaries, enhanced personal relationships and bonded through good times. The photos alone will make this experience hilarious.

The Workshop:

Chuckle and guffaw as Jack Flash opens this workshop with a 10 minute clowning show. Direct from Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey’s “Greatest Show on Earth”, Jack will demonstrate that being a clown is the ability to exaggerate all of your emotions to an extreme level. This requires honesty, trust and self-belief.

Your team will participate in a number of exercises designed to bring out their inner clown. They will laugh, learn silly walks, learn slapstick and put on their own demonstration / show at the end.

Everyone one will leave with a smile as well as their own clown nose to remember the day.

How it Works:

    • Comedy and Clowning Show & Demonstration: (10 minutes)
    • The Essence of Comedy: (15 minutes)

– Expressing Comic Emotions
– Learning Funny walk
– A range of Laughs
– Silly Handshake

    • Learn Skills: (20 minutes)

– Balance a balloon on your face
– Take a Slap / Give a slap (Slapstick)

    • Working with props: (10 minutes)

– Life is a series of confrontations with inanimate objects

    • Gag Writing: (10 minutes)

– Understanding the comedy pyramid

    • The Show: (15 to 20 minutes)

– Teams write, prepare and perform gags

Add Ons:

We can film each team’s final show.


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