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A completely unique role-play event that will have your group solving a dastardly murder!!! Each team will have to investigate a crime scene, track down and interrogate witnesses (played by professional actors) around the city centre, decipher clues, collect forensic evidence, solve some puzzles and present there case to the chief inspector. Add a lot of humour and a little good, honest police footwork, and you have a killer event.

How It Works:

  • We book an appropriate venue of your choice
  • The Seargeant meets group and while
  • Three actors perform a range of characters
  • It’s a mix between a Murder Mystery and a Treasure Hunt
  • You are the detectives under the watchful eye of the Garda Commissioner

As your group arrives they are greeted by the Commissioner and suddenly there is a loud Gunshot, yes a Murder has been committed on the premises and you have to solve it.

The commissioner briefs the teams. Each team gets an investigation pack which contains a map, some tips on solving clues and collecting evidence.

Each team must first gather clues around the body, (a forensics officer will join them to guide them in this). This will lead them to the next venue for the investigation where they could meet the next witness or even a suspect or perhaps gather some vital physical evidence or clues.

The investigation will take them to different venues around the city – if they make the wrong choices, they could wind up on some wild goose chases so this must be on their guard! They will meet some very shady characters, come across some quite challenging puzzles and will have to search out vital pieces of evidence.

They will then have to piece all of this together to form a coherent investigation report, which will be rated and scored at the end by the commissioner. Even if all the teams solve the mystery, the one that scores the most points for how effectively they compile their case file will be the winner!


“The actors were just great and even though a few of our team were from Europe they really got into it and I’ve had nothing but great feedback including “fantastic” so thanks again for a great and different night! Don’t be surprised to see us again at some stage.”
– Grainne Ruane – Microsoft

“Thanks for helping us organise a great event the other week. The event was great fun and the dinner in Odessa was fab! There was great feedback here from employees and a great night was had by all!”
– Liz McNulty – QBE


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