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See your team’s confidence soar as they learn a new skill in only an hour. Watch, as by the end, they work together to juggle four balls at once. The experience is one of fun and the memories made will form a great bond for your team.


Your team will learn not to be afraid to try new things. It is emphasized that “To learn, you must make mistakes, but keep going”. This is great if you are introducing a new IT system or reinforce sales morale.

At the end, your team will walk away with the knowledge that what looks hard at first can be learned. To do this you must break a task down into simple achievable steps that work progressively.

The Workshop:

Laugh as Jack Flash starts with a juggling show that combines skill and comedy. The best part is that your team joins in as volunteers.

As your team watch the show, they will be thinking “I’ll never be able to do that.” But, when the show is over, Jack passes out juggling balls, and over the next 40 minutes, the majority will learn to juggle three balls.

At the end of the workshop not only can the staff juggle but they get to take home three juggling balls with your company logo branded onto them. This is a great exercise that will leave the participants smiling and with a new skill.

How it Works:

  • Comedy juggling show with staff used as volunteers (20 minutes)
  • Pep talk about the skills required to be a juggler (5 minutes)
  • One ball juggling (5 minutes)
  • Two ball juggling (7 minutes)
  • Three ball juggling (7 minutes)
  • Juggling Contest. Each person is given three tries to see how many throws and catches they can do.T he three with the highest scores win small prizes(7 minutes)
  • Building the team. This is a small demonstration at the end. Two people are put together to juggle three balls. Then four people and work as a team to juggle four balls at once with help from Jack. This is proof positive that if everyone works together as a team


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