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Make a short film where your team are the stars. Learn the physicality, comic timing, and script writing all in one day. At the end, sit back and laugh at the team in action.


Your team will use a different part of their brain as they delve into the world of silent movies. Team building will be used in scripting, and direction and sharing a fun project will make bring the team closer.

The Workshop:

Watch your team work together and grow together as they learn the ins and outs of being in a silent movie. Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Fatty Arbuckle will all provide laughs as well as inspiration.

This course will require team members to be physical, funny and to work together towards a common goal… laughter. At the end your team will leave with the movies they have made and some great times.

How it Works:

Movies: (10 minutes)

The team will watch and laugh as old movies are dissected right in front of them. See the masters as work and study the moves that make it happen.

Using your face and body: (7 minutes)

With no sound the team will have to be able to express emotions and advance stories with out words (the double take, shock, scowl, love).

Props: (7 minutes)

All of the great comics used everyday items around them to generate laughter. Learn how and why it works.

Script Writing: (10 minutes)

What makes a good short movie? Find out the three things you need to make it work (conflict, comedy, conclusion).

The challenge: (20 minutes)

The teams are then divided up and each unit will write, star in and produce their own three minute movie.


Each team is given 15 minutes to film their masterpiece.

The show: (15 minutes)

Laugh and smile as the group watches their own comic adventures. Great fun for the whole group and a fantastic keepsake for the company.


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