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In this event, participants can experience the thrills of what it’s like to be playing the part of a contestant on TV’s ‘The Apprentice’ – except this time, it’s a live event!!! The key to this event is fun and participation with a healthy dose of competition.

The participants get to meet our very own immensely successful entrepreneur, Bill Sullen, who has made millions selling almost out of date fruit all over the world with his company ‘Just in time and Juicy!’. He also runs the most successful second hand car sales business in North Dublin – ‘Cars or wha’?’, with branches almost nationwide. He will become their mentor for the course of the event, teaching them skills from his own business acumen and vast experience.

However, this is a competition so just like on the famous TV programme, the participants will be split into teams and will be set tasks to complete by Bill. Then, at the end of the event, the teams will be brought into the boardroom for a grilling by Bill where ultimately most of the teams will be fired and only one will be hired! Bill will be ably assisted by his assistants, Simon Scowl and Margaret Dour – both of whom will monitor the teams as they work together in the hope of achieving the ultimate goal – to be hired as the apprentices to Bill Sullen!!!

How it Works:

At the start of the event, the group will be introduced to Bill who is renowned for his hard -nosed business demeanour. He will in turn introduce them to his helpers, Margaret and Simon and he will then explain to the participants what they will have to do to win the competition. This will take the form of a business presentation. The group will then be divided into teams (although it is advised that this be done beforehand to save time) and each team will choose a name, which they will report to Bill or his helpers. Bill will then send them off on their tasks and give them the time limits they have to complete each task.


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