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Magic provides the ideal vehicle for a team building breakout session as every participant begins at the same level. We have many levels of workshop from Fun Based Workshop to Creative Team Building and Training.

The event can last from I and half hours to a half day programme.

Finding the Magic in Your Team

Your Staff will learn how to:

  • Prepare winning presentations
  • Become more charismatic
  • Hold and control attention
  • Gain confidence
  • Use misdirection
  • Work together creatively to achieve their objectives
  • Perform magic effects
  • Put people at their ease
  • Solve problems magically

Creative Teambuilding Workshop

Magic provides the ideal vehicle for a team building breakout session as every participant begins at the same level. This 1 hour 30 minute demonstration and hands on workshop will build your team members self confidence while also providing an entertaining and creative team building session.

Employees will be surprised by their own capabilities. They will have an incentive to get involved as the skills and tricks taught are highly entertaining and can be used and taken away to impress colleagues, family and friends.

We are the Gok Wan of Team Building Using Magic

“We Make Your Team Look Good!”

Magic Theory

Your group will learn the basics of magical theory which will be useful in gaining, holding and controlling attention, presenting more powerfully and becoming more confident and charismatic. These will be referred to later in the performance section.

Professional Performances

Learn & perform magic effects

Your group will initially be taught to perform two magic effects. Afterwards the group will be split up into teams and be given a magic effect which they must work creatively as a group to understand, practice and then perform!

A strong, punchy, entertaining performance is a great way to break the ice with the group so at the beginning of the session your group can sit back, relax and enjoy a performance from your Magical Trainer.

Overview and Itinerary

Each Workshop can be customized and tailored to suit your needs and requirements however below please find an idea of the timing and flow of the workshop.

  • 3.45pm – Magician arrives and meets client contact
  • 4.45pm – Room and Workshop setup complete
  • 5.00pm – Staff Arrive and are seated
  • – Introduction and Performance
  • 5.25pm – Magic Theory
  • 5.45pm – First trick using nothing by your hands is performed and explained including the misdirection required. Everyone practices together and then performs effect together as a group
  • 5.55pm – Second trick is performed, taught and then given to each member of the group who are then given a chance to practice together in pairs
  • 6.15pm – Group is split into separate teams and each is given an unexplained magic effect. They must work together to figure out and then later a leader from each team must perform their magic effect for the entire group
  • 6.45pm – Prize giving!
  • 6.50pm – Members leave with their new magic skills, effects and tricks
  • 7.30pm – Cleanup complete and ready to depart

Finding the Magic in Your Team

Satisfied customers include global clients such as Oracle, O2, Meteor, Dell, Microsoft, Symantec, Vodafone, entertainment groups such as Essential Management Ltd, The Event Company, Brightspark and more.
Ruairi is a licensed Master Practitioner of NLP and has worked as a co-trainer with the likes of Owen Fitzpatrick, Karl Spain and Sonya Lennon presenting his popular lecture entitled ‘Magical Charisma’.

Magic is the art of making the impossible possible; the very best way of thinking “Outside the Box”. Magicians approach problems in a very different way and your group can learn from the approaches, methods, techniques and psychology used by professional magicians when solving problems.


“I have no hesitation in recommending Creative Events, we have used them for 15 events over the last two years, we particularly enjoy their new Big Interactive Quiz Night, Team Magic and Comedy Workshop”
– Stephen O Shaughnessy WebMatrix


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