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The Company Challenge is an internal Company League.

Why Run an Internal Company League:

  • Company Training
  • Getting all employees to understand Company Vision
  • Integrating Departments
  • Company Team Building
  • Social Event
  • Get all departments working together: e.g. each Team can have a member from Finance, Marketing, Development and Sales


It is known that in a passive learning environment such as, say, a lecture hall, the knowledge retention rate of students is at best 20% of what they are taught. Active learning through the medium of quizzes, games and role-play increases that retention rate markedly. They think it’s fun; you know that you have their full attention and that they are absorbing knowledge and skills. Our state of the art Gameshow and TV Quiz equipment provide you with the means to plan and stage efficient training and education sessions.

Each League is completely bespoke and we work with you to develop the League to achieve you specific goals.

Please call Mark on + 353 1 4753313 to discuss further.


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