A night of traditional music could scarcely be considered complete without recourse to the ancient and extensive archive of Irish song which has circled the globe with our emigrants and continues to evolve and develop in the hands of contemporary wordsmiths and performers. As an ancient nation of musicians and storytellers, the inevitable fusion of the two traditions has produced a songbank of immeasurable proportions including themes which range from the deeply political to the potentially obscene, from the tragedy of heartbreak to the tragedy of a brewery strike, from revolutionary triumph to extra-marital parody.

The Crawl prides itself on its’ stable of illustrious talents whose individual repertoires and variety of singing styles ensure that no two consecutive evenings offer the same entertainment. An extensive commentary is also offered as to the origin and importance of chosen songs and it may be considered good advice to wear your singing pants. Following numerous requests for certain lyrics by interested patrons, we have decided to include on our website a small selection from our singers’ repertoires.

Song Lyrics:
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Black is the Colour

Johnny be fine

Johnny Jump Up

The Night Visit

When you and I were true

Ramblin Robin

Lakes of Ponchartrain

Lanigan’s Ball

Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye

Easy & Slow

The Raggle Taggle Gypsy

City Of Chicago

The Ratlin Bog

Clyde’s Bonny Bank

The Spanish Lady


Back Home In Derry

The good ship kangaroo
Brave bold Donnelly

My Love Came to Dublin

The Dying Soldier

The Waxies Dargle


The Homes of Donegal

Thomas Muir


Only Our Rivers


Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore

Follow Me Up To Carlow

The Star of County Down

The Jolly Beggar-Man

The German Clockwinder

Red Is The Rose

The Rocky Road to Dublin

Health To De Company

As I Roved Out

The Streets Of Derry

The Fair Maid

Take Her In Your Arms

Stick To Your Creature

My Cavan Girl

Tinker Song

The Pursuit Of Farmer Michael Hayes