Can You Save The Groom?

A Murder Mystery meets a Treasure Hunt around Dublin

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What's the Story?

The Groom has been kidnapped...

Save the Groom is best described as a Murder Mystery and a Treasure Hunt combined.

This is the perfect hen party game. Clues are activated by GPS through your smartphone. There are six fun suspects, old friends of the groom.... dotted around the city. FInd them, interrogate them, solve the clues and complete the challenges.

Detective Dick Daley needs you to join his Detective Team to solve the crime and Save The Groom!

Armed with your phone and your friends, search the city, solve puzzles and complete the challenges with this fun, interactive, cutting-edge game.

Full of fun challenges and characters, there are lots of photo and video challenges as well.

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How it Works

CSI Save The Groom is a city-wide adventure game played on your smartphone on our purpose built app.

Codes and instructions will be sent once you purchase a ticket. When you are ready to play, go to the designated starting point and login.

You use one smartphone per team. Each clue is GPS activated so you must go to the pin on your map to activate that task

We provide


All game logins and how to play

Once you book you will receive the team logins and game Instructions on how to play.

All logins and activity instructions

Live Leaderboard

Each game has a dedicated Live Leaderboard and chat amongst all teams.

Live leaderboard and team chat

City-wide Adventure

CSI Save The Groom is a brilliant, immersive adventure & storyline with lots of fun challenges.

Brilliant interactive hen activity

Links to photos and videos

We will provide links to photos and videos for all teams.

Link to all teams photos and videos

You need to:



Organise your group into teams of 4 players per team.

Organise your group into teams.

Team Captain

Select a team captain for each team and get the team captain to download the app.

Assign a Team captain

Download App

Selected team captain will download app.

Captain downloads the app

Ready to play...

Go to the designated meeting point and login to the app

Go to meeting point and login to play
Start Point
36 Essex St East
Temple Bar, Dublin
See map
90 Mins
€14 pp
Team Size
4 Per Team
Photos & Videos
Detective Work
Fun Challenges

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We offer dedicated support for all of our games. All our games are so simple to play they can be self hosted. Just get in touch and we can go through any questions you might have.

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We had so much fun running around the city trying to save the groom. The bride really enjoyed the whole game from start to finish. Would highly recommend.
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The Groom has been kidnapped...

So, Lez Lizard wants to turn his club the Lusty Leppard into a wedding venue. It really is a sleazy dump though...

Lez tried to force the groom into booking his venue for the wedding but when the groom refused Lez kidnapped him and is now looking for a cancellation fee of 60k!

Lez couldn't have done this by himself, we believe he had some help, you need to find his accomplice.

You will see the suspects dotted around the city on your map, you must find and interrogate them to get as much information as possible to solve the crime. Work together to decipher the riddles and crack the codes.

Can you Save the Groom in time for the wedding?